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Our Dream Hospital is planned to become a cornerstone for whoever is concerned with developing the specialties of Perinatal Care , Fetal medicine and surgery , Pediatric intensive care , Pediatric Neurology, Neurosurgery, Inborn errors of metabolism , Congenital malformation, child Psychiatry , child nutrition and children with special needs in our beloved Egypt.


This is planned to happen while establishing a scientific Academy in cooperation with the top foreign universities in order to transfer the global experiences across the different specialities. Aiming to have distinct cadres, we plan to add international diplomas in different human sciences in order to ensure having efficient doctors .


Adding to this is the establishment of an electronic network to ensure instant communication with the ministry of health hospitals and the Egyptian universities aiming to fill the gap in the no. of beds and to train the doctors by the top expertise worldwide via a reliable and a cost -effective tool. All of those services will be available for children and doctors across the Arab region and the Middle East against a fee that would help in sustaining the service .


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